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  • Comprehensive Veterinary Care, Smokey Point
    Comprehensive Veterinary Care, Smokey Point

    Comprehensive Veterinary Care

    At Advanced Care Animal Clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services and go above and beyond to ensure your pets get the quality care they deserve.

    About Our Hospital Why Trust Us?

  • Core Veterinary Services, Smokey Point
    Core Veterinary Services, Smokey Point

    Meeting All Your Pets' Health Care Needs

    Our team offers all the core veterinary services your pet needs to stay healthy from puppy or kittenhood to their senior years, including routine exams, surgery and more.

    Core Care Surgery

  • Meet Our Vets, Smokey Point
    Meet Our Vets, Smokey Point

    Meet Our Skilled Veterinarians

    Our highly skilled veterinarians bring a wealth of experience and a passion for pets to Advanced Care Animal Clinic. We provide exceptional care. 

    Our Vets Hospital Gallery

Welcome to Our Smokey Point Animal Hospital

Advanced Care Animal Clinic is a full-service pet hospital that offers comprehensive medical services for cats and dogs in Smokey Point, Arlington and the surrounding areas.

We offer a varied range of services to meet all of your pet's health needs in one place, from preventive care and surgery to acupuncture

We care for Smokey Point’s companion animals and have built a reputation over the years for quality, professional care with a compassionate touch.

Our team of experienced Smokey Point vets are proud to live up to the standards of veterinary excellence laid out by the American Animal Hospital Association!


About Our Hospital

Vaccinations & Parasite Preventions, Smokey Point Animal Hospital

Preventive Care

Protect your dog or cat from a range of serious conditions with pet vaccinations and prevention.

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Veterinary Surgery with Arlington vet

Surgical Options

Trust our vets to treat your pet's condition or injury with surgical procedures.

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Veterinary Dentistry with Arlington vet

Dental Care

Ensure your cat or dog gets the regular dental healthcare they need and deserve.

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Veterinary Diagnostics & Lab with Arlington vet

In-House Diagnostics

Our veterinarians use cutting-edge diagnostic tests and tools to diagnose your pet's medical issues.

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Routine Exams for Dogs & Cats

Regularly scheduled routine exams help ensure your pet is in good health. We also catch developing health issues early.

Early detection is essential for great long-term physical health in both cats and dogs. Annual physical checkups allow our vets the opportunity to catch emerging health issues and treat them effectively.

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Arlington vet

Acupuncture in Smokey Point, Advanced Care Animal Clinic

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  • Thankful for this caring and knowledgeable staff! All our our pets receive great care, and any of our questions are answered thoroughly. Pet end-of-life arrangements are also handled with kindness, understanding and dignity.
    - Becky R.

Proudly Accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association

Advanced Care Animal Clinic | Smokey Point

Puppies & Kittens

Help set your pet up for excellent long-term health with attentive veterinary care throughout your puppy or itten's first year. Plus, get valuable guidance and advice from our Arlington vets. 

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Geriatric Pet Care

Get your senior pet the veterinary care they need and deserve as they enter their golden years. Regular health checkups and senior-focused treatment keep them in optimal health.

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Internal Medicine

If your pet has internal health issues, you'll need a vet with extensive experience working with challenging cases. We have a variety of diagnostic tools and treatment methods available.

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Community Outreach

We take pride in supporting our community. Here's a few ways we give back to local groups in Smokey Point.

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Tips & Advice From Arlington Vets

Whether you are looking for advice about parasite protection or information on common pet illnesses, our informative blogs feature helpful tips and advice from our Arlington vets.

Anemia in Dogs - Types, Symptoms & Treatments

Anemia in Dogs - Types, Symptoms & Treatments

Anemia in dogs is a serious condition that can be caused by a number of underlying health problems. Today our vets at Advanced Care Animal Clinic in Smokey Point explain the different types of anemia seen in dogs, associated symptoms and treatment options.

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Hypothyroidism in Dogs - Diet & More

Hypothyroidism in Dogs - Diet & More

Our Smokey Point vets often see dogs with hypothyroidism suffering from unexplained weight gain, skin and coat issues, reduced energy and other behavioral changes. Below, we discuss this condition in more detail and how diet can be used to help treat the symptoms of hypothyroidism in dogs.

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A Pet Parent's Guide to Dog Wound Care

A Pet Parent's Guide to Dog Wound Care

While not every dog wound needs veterinary care it is important that your dog's injuries are treated properly to prevent infection and promote proper healing. If your dog has a wound, follow these first aid tips from our Smokey Point vets to help your dog begin healing quickly.

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Do kittens teethe?

Do kittens teethe?

Just like children and puppies, kittens first grow baby teeth that fall out just before their permanent teeth come in. In today's post, our Smokey Point vets share a little about the kitten teething process and how you can help.

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Welcoming Cats & Dogs to Our Animal Hospital

Advanced Care Animal Clinic welcomes cats, dogs, and their people to our clinic! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Smokey Point companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's appointment.

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